About Us - Our Vision, Mission, Philosophy, and Objectives

Our Values:

Southwest University is committed to assisting our students toward achieving their academic goals.

Our Vision:

Recognized for the quality of its academic programs and graduates, and as the University of choice for students who desire to enrich their lives and give back to the community.

Our Mission:

To encourage the acquisition of skills, to enhance professional practices, and to provide quality distance education. The University is committed to academic excellence and to the educational welfare of its students, and

To offer programs that motivate each student to develop intellectually and professionally and become more effective within the community and responsive to a rapidly changing world.

The University is committed to academic integrity and respect for the individual.

Our Philosophy:

To recognize the individuality and accomplishments of our students.

To offer personalized service and build a rapport with each student.

To provide prompt communication and feedback.

It is our belief that this relationship promotes communication and personal motivation and also encourages students to communicate with administration, faculty, and staff.

Our Goals:

To provide students an enviroment that promotes learning.

To promote knowledge, upgrade learning and provide analytic tools so that students can identify problems in the work arena, generate solutions and implement methods.

To provide excellent educational programs leading to undergraduate and/or graduate degrees.

To improve student recruitment and retention.

To continually improve our distance education programs.

Our Objectives:

To provide students with a curriculum that includes theories and practices that are conducive to the working environment and that meets the objectives appropriate to their degree program.

To provide distinguished faculty who strive to enrich the lives of students, ensure their success, and increase the contributions they can make to others and society.

To provide a quick response to student questions and/or needs.

To offer students the flexibility to achieve their professional goals and to meet their educational objectives.

To prepare students to demonstrate leadership skills and become more effective within the community.

To motivate, instill confidence, develop self-esteem, enhance personal growth, and also to foster a wide range of ideas.

To provide administrative support and personal caring service.

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