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From recent surveys, most all of our graduates and students report that they have received career advancements, salary increases, and gained self improvement.  We invite you to read through some of their personal comments about our Distance Learning Degree Programs.
"I highly recommend Southwest University to military members stationed all over the world.  This is the best way to get an education, which will equal advance promotions in your career."  

G. Davis, Minnesota

"Southwest is a professional organization that treats its students with personal attention."

V. Testa, Pennsylvania

"Southwest University never gives up on their students' dreams of becoming a better person from gaining knowledge."

S. Wong, North Carolina

"Southwest University provides me with quality education.  I have been hired as a Chief of Police, in part, due to my education."

D. Petersen, Washington

"The staff takes a personal interest in their students by making sure that regular communication takes place between students and the University."

S. Papakonstantino, California

"I am a Chief of Police.  The Justice Administration course has helped me with negotiating contract issues.  Southwest University course material is excellent."

T. Root, Illinois

"Southwest takes the time to understand and help the student through personal attention, allows for growth of the person and really care about the person."

D. Maxson, Iowa

"As a "Distance Learner" I appreciate all the help Southwest has supplied to earn my degree while working as a Police Commander."

K. Knott, Pennsylvania

"Southwest has been understanding and encouraging.  I like the flexibility the university has allowed to complete the degree program."

G. Laswell, North Carolina

"The staff has always been helpful and understanding.  I can call and speak with administration personally.  That's nice!"

P. Gant, Florida

"I have already received a promotion to our Human Resource Department and have been given increased responsibilities based, in large measure, on my Degree Program."

J. Gibson, Texas

"My experience with Southwest University has always been good, positive and encouraging.  The faculty and staff are excellent."

G. Charles, Arkansas

"I am a recently enrolled student, however, the response that I receive for any questions has been prompt and informative."

R. King, Louisiana

"My education has helped me become more recognized in my field and enhanced my skills.  I am often called upon as an expert witness."

L. McCarthy, Iowa

"My experience as a student has been very positive.  Southwest University has treated me with first class attention and I appreciate that immensely."

P. Morales, Texas

"The program is wonderful for the working law enforcement officer, allowing me to both work and enhance my working knowledge of law enforcement."

R. Ginn, South Carolina

"The personnel at Southwest University go to great lengths to meet the needs of its students.  They are very accommodating."

M. Morrill, Maine

"Southwest University always returns my graded work in a timely manner.  The staff is always friendly and willing to help me achieve my goals."

W. Smith, Georgia

"Southwest University offers quality education at reasonable cost.  I was able to earn my second Bachelor's degree and the Master's degree without sacrificing or impairing my time."

A. Hum, Massachusetts

"I was promoted to the rank of Sergeant at the Chattanooga Police Department."

J. Carter, Tennessee

"The support team is excellent.  Always there for you."

D. Tromp, Antilles - Netherlands

"My education at Southwest University has given me knowledge and a better understanding for my career.  I've gone from $25,000 a year to $45,000."

D. Perkins, Massachusetts

"I loved my experience as a student.  It allowed me to upgrade and improve my skills.  My degree made me stand out in my career and advance."

M. Smith, Ontario

"The knowledge and information I gained from my studies with Southwest University have assisted me numerous times in the field, no matter what my duties."

K. Hachey, Canada

"I cannot stress enough how Southwest University has not only improved my professional life, but personal as well!"

J. M. Schonig, Nevada

"My experience at Southwest University helped me to achieve a small business ownership.  I am very successful and proud."

K. Clinton, West Virginia

"I received excellent assistance from the staff!  I always knew someone was there to assist me.  My educational goals were far exceeded and achieved."

T. James. South Carolina

"I would recommend the Master of Science in Criminal Justice Degree Program to any student wanting to pursue a career in Criminal Justice."

V. Blake, Maine

"I was impressed and surprised at the great amount of support and attention I was given by the entire Southwest University staff.  I received a promotion and have inspired my two sons."

D. Minor, Ohio
"I appreciated all the help, kindness and understanding I received from Southwest University.  I achieved my goals."

I. Wilson, Louisiana
"I have learned and enjoyed so much more than I hoped.  I felt that my instructor was personally interested in me and my progress and that she was working with me to be successful."

B. Clements, New Mexico
"Every time I called the office, everyone was very helpful.  This more personal approach was very important to me.  I am forever greatful."

L. Shaffer, Idaho
"I would recommend Southwest University to any working adult who wishes to continue his/her education.  Southwest has taught me to think outside the box and look at complicated issues using critical analytic skills.  I gained confidence and I look forward to challenge.  The University supported and encouraged me during my entire studies.  I was only a phone call or e-mail away from my professors.  Southwest University has made a difference in my career.  I was told at my last promotion that my education was the reason I stood above others."

M. Bond, Maryland
"I have attended Holy Family College and St. Charles.  I've never had as much help and courtesy as from Southwest University staff.  I went from a coordinator to the Director of Clinical Services in the Philadelphia Drug and Alcohol field."

R. Stringer, Pennsylvania
"I received my promotion to Planning Division Manager with the City of Santa Maria.  My Master's Degree Program was a big part in helping me prepare for this position.  Thanks Southwest for all your help and support."

M. Bierdzinski, California
"I really am enjoying my program and I believe that I am learning even more than I would from an in the class program.  I am able to focus on what is beneficial learning for me and my career development."

D. Davis, California
"As a student I have found the course of study to be very challenging.  I teach at a local college and I have found that Southwest University's course of study is more challenging and difficult than the curriculum where I teach."

J. Sommers, California
"One of the greatest strengths of Southwest University's staff is its timeliness and support throughout my program.  My course design packaging and grading are responded to with directness and honesty.  Southwest University's professionalism creates an atmosphere of learning."

L. Jackson
"After completing the degree program, I was promoted to a manager. This included a code rating and a pay increase. The Southwest University staff and administration were extremely helpful."  

R. Britain, New Mexico
"I am a full time government employee, single mom who enjoys distance classroom degree program. It provides me with flexibility to be able to read, work and study and still be able to balance the other areas of my life. I feel a great sense of accomplishment. My salary has increased since earning my degree."  

K. Dillard, Virginia

"I went from $40,000 a year to $100,000 per year. The Degree gave me the ability to succeed in life. Southwest University has a superb staff and learning capabilities for a high payoff education. My degree is extremely valuable."  

C. Rogers, Hawaii
"I was promoted from prison guard to parole officer with a pay increase of $6,000 per year.  It was a great program because of the flexibility and the comprehensiveness of the curriculum. I found the academic requirements of the program to be more demanding and more rewarding than I did at Texas A & M."  

W. D. Schoelzel, Texas
"An excellent program with appropriate support, and very good text books. I was challenged by each course. My degree helped me with getting a promotion, increase in salary and expand my knowledge in administration."  

D. W. Bunton, Texas
"I acknowledge the overall quality of the Degree Programs at Southwest University to anyone who will listen. All of my needs were responded to. I highly recommend Southwest University to busy professionals."  

L. Kachurek, New York
"I needed my Master's Degree to boost my chances of attaining a commission as an ensign in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserves. I completed my Master's in February and was commissioned in July."

A. LeRoux, North Carolina  
"I definitely feel supported by Southwest University. My calls are responded to promptly. If I don't make regular contact, I will be called to see how I'm doing."  

J. Mehlhorn, Louisiana  
"I am an adjunct professor at an accredited university which recognizes Southwest University's degree programs. I have only KUDOS for Southwest's staff and programs."

D. Welch, Alaska

"I am a committed advocate of Distance Learning and will continue on this path."

D. Whyte, North Carolina



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