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Earning Credit Toward Your Master's Degree

Ways in which you can receive credit toward fulfilling your accredited Master's Degree Requirements.

A student may transfer a maximum of 9 semester hours.  A course grade of “B” or better is required.

Or , a student may be awarded 9 semester hours for Prior / Experiential Learning Credit, equivalent to specific courses in the degree program.  

Or, a combination of transfer credit and Experiential Learning Credit, totaling 9 semester hours, may be applied toward the Master’s Degree. 

Southwest University has reserved the right to accept or reject any or all academic credits offered for transfer.

Free Evaluation
You may submit a REQUEST FOR EVALUATIONIt's Free!   Upon receipt of your request, the University will review your information and advise you of the amount of credit that can be applied toward fulfilling the degree requirement.

For information, call toll-free:  1.800.433.5923.  You may contact us via fax:  504.468.3213 or e-mail


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