Academic Integrity

Students have an obligation to themselves and to the University to exhibit honesty in completing the study courses. Students who are found to have violated that obligation by plagiarizing* or otherwise cheating may be suspended or terminated, after due process. The University expects its students to follow high academic standards and ethical behavior in their academic activities.

*Plagiarism is defined as appropriation of the words, ideas, or creation of another without crediting the source.

Complaint Policy

Southwest University is committed to providing students quality education and the same service the University is known for and recognized.

Should a student have a complaint with the University the student has the right to seek a resolution.

A complaint is a dissatisfaction occurring when a decision, act or condition (based upon factual data) affects the student in a negative manner. Complaints can fall into areas such as, but not limited to, academic, financial, faculty, administrative, and other areas of decisions and procedures.

The University will review any complaints from a student in a fair and timely manner.

Southwest University desires to maintain a climate of acceptance where student, faculty, staff and administration can achieve an atmosphere of collaboration allowing complaints to be resolved informally achieving early resolution.

A student wishing to present a complaint should contact Student Services to discuss the complaint with a staff member. If the staff member is unable to assist with the complaint, the student will be instructed to file a written complaint with Student Services. The complaint should include a description of the specific complaint / allegation and the outcome the student is seeking. Student Services will submit the complaint to the President. The student will receive a formal reply from the President within fourteen days.

A student or any member of the public may file a complaint with the University's accrediting agency: The Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC).

DEAC has a complaint process which enables individuals to file a complaint directly from the DEAC website. The instructions may be found at their website (or visit their home page and search for "complaint"). They provide a link to an online form toward the bottom of the linked page. Altrernatively, complaints can be submitted in writing to: Executive Director, DEAC, 1101 17th Street NW, Suite 808, Washington, DC 20036, ATTN: COMPLAINTS. A complaint may also be filed with The Board of Regents, State of Louisiana, P.O. Box 3677, Baton Rouge, LA 70821-3677.

Course Extension

Each course must be completed within 10 weeks (10 weeks). If a student does not complete his/her course in the allotted time, a request for an extension must be made. The extension will provide an additional thirty (30) days in which to complete the course. A $50 fee will apply. If the student does not complete the course after the thirty (30) day extension, the student will be required to re-enroll in the course for the tuition effective at the time of enrollment.

Proctored Exam

Southwest University's degree programs require proctored exams. Students will be required to obtain the proctor (exam supervisor). Upon approval, the University will notify the student and the proctor.

Acceptable proctors include school teachers and principals, librarians, clergy members, human resources officers, and workplace supervisors. A proctor should hold a position of integrity. Family members or friends cannot act as proctors.

Proctored exams are open book. Calculators and laptops are permissible. Handwritten, legible responses to essay responses are acceptable.