Associate of Science in General Studies

The Associate of Science in General Studies is designed to provide students a comprehensive General Education foundation which will assist students to develop skills, confidence, knowledge, and abilities to enter or upgrade their status in the workforce. It prepares students for continuing studies toward a four-year degree. The Associate Degree will also provide students a competitive advantage within the corporate structure.

Upon successful completion of this degree, a graduate is eligible to enroll into the following Southwest University’s Bachelor of Science Degree(s):

      Business Administration
      Business Administration Human Resource Management
      Business Administration International Business
      Business Business Administration Leadership and Management
      Business Administration Management
      Business Administration Marketing
      Business Administration Organizational Management
      Criminal Justice

Degree Requirements

      60 Semester Hours
      A maximum of 30 semester hours may be accepted toward fulfilling the degree requirement.
      The student must satisfy a minimum of 30 semester hours, 10 courses, with Southwest University.

General Education Courses

Students must have satisfied or they must complete the following General Education courses:

 All of these courses are required:
ENG 100 Reading / Writing Comprehension
ENG 101 English Composition
COM 105 Principles of Communication
NSC 136 Earth Science
Select any two (2):
MATH 150 College Math I
MATH 151 College Math II
STAT 156 Business Statistics
CIS 122 Computer Concepts
Select any two (2):
HIST 110 American History 1500 – 1877
HIST 111 American History 1863 – since 1988
POLS 112 International Relations
POLS 125 World Politics
Select one (1):
PSY 130 Introduction to Psychology
SOC 134 Introduction to Sociology
Select one (1):
PHIL 160 Ethics, Crime and Justice
PHIL 161 Ethics

Elective Courses

Students may select 100 and 200 level courses from the Business Administration and Criminal Justice Degree Programs.
*Courses at the 300 level are subject to faculty approval.

ACC 203 Accounting I
ACC 204 Accounting II
CIS 205 Basic Communication Technologies
BUS 210 Introduction to Business
BUS 214 Public Speaking
HRM 215 Introduction to Human Resource Management
FIN 218 Personal Finance
HR 225 Principles in Human Relations
ECO 230 Principles of Economic
BUS 237 Leadership
BUS 239 Practical Business Law
MGT 240 Principles of Management
SOC 241 Race and Ethnic Relations
MGT 243 Administrative Office Management
MKT 248 Principles of Marketing
ORG 260 Introduction to Organizational Management
BUS 280 Special Topics in Business Administration
BUS 310 Building Customer Service
BUS 320 Information and Records Management
MGT 330 Strategic Retail Management
MKT 335 Principles of Selling
MGT 340 Management
BUS 345 Business Ethics
HR 348 Human Relations at Work
BUS 350 Public Relations
FIN 355 Business Finance
MKT 358 Promotional Marketing
INT 360 International Business
MGT 365 Risk Management
HRM 370 HR: Issues, Decision Making and Challenges
BUS 380 Special Topics in Business Administration
CJ 110 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJ 176 Introduction to Police Operations
CJ 180 Survey of Corrections
CJ 185 Introduction to Juvenile Justice
CJ 201 Introduction to Criminal Procedures
CJ 209 Survey of the American Legal System
CJ 212 Victimology
CJ 220 Basic Criminal Investigation
CJ 230 Forensic Introduction Science
CJ 234 Introduction to Criminology
CJ 237 Leadership and Motivation
CJ 250 Introduction to Criminal Law
CJ 258 Domestic Violence
CJ 259 Introduction to Drugs and Crime
CJ 264 Security Management
CJ 270 Community Policing Strategies
CJ 280 Special Topics in Criminal Justice
CJ 302 Introduction: Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice
CJ 304 Juvenile Delinquency
CJ 310 Administration of Justice
CJ 311 The Criminal Court System
CJ 329 Constitutional Law
CJ 335 Criminology
CJ 340 Introduction to Corrections
CJ 355 Community Policing and Problem Solving
CJ 360 Introduction to Police Administration
CJ 370 Criminal Investigation
CJ 380 Special Topics in Criminal Justice