Degree Programs

Southwest University's accredited degree programs are designed to provide students academic success. Our degree programs can be completed anywhere, at times that are convenient for you. We offer open enrollment.

Southwest University's delivery method utilizes a textbook and Study Guide. The Study Guide is prepared in conjunction with the textbook and serves as an instructional tool to help the student through the course.

The Study Guide provides an overview of the course, a listing of course objectives and detailed instruction for completing the course.

Associate Degrees

Business Administration
Criminal Justice
General Studies

Bachelor's Degrees

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)
BSBA Human Resource Management
BSBA International Business
BSBA Leadership and Management
BSBA Management
BSBA Marketing
BSBA Organizational Management
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Master's Degrees

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
MBA Management
MBA Organizational Management
Master of Arts in Management
Master of Arts in Organizational Management
Master of Science in Criminal Justice

Second Graduate Degree Program