The Master of Arts in Management

The Master of Arts in Management degree is designed to
provide students and professionals the opportunity to develop
and intensify their manaagement skills. To demonstrate proficiency and decision making skills in the work place. This program will provide the expertice needed to give a competitive advantage in a corporate structure.

This advanced degree program is excellent for students and professionals who aspire to move into senior management positions.

The curriculum concentrates on the functional components of management.

Degree Requirements

      The requirement for the Master of Arts in Management is 36 semester hours above the Baccalaureate       Degree in Business Management or related fields.

      Students must complete a minimum of 27 semester hours, 9 courses, with Southwest University.


MAM-605 Developing Management Competencies
MAM-628 Accounting for Business Systems
MKT-630 Marketing Management
MBA-635 Business Ethics and Responsibilities
MGT-637 Organizational Behavior Management
ORG-645 Organizational Theory and Design
MAM-648 Global Management
MGT-651 Management and Leadership
MAM-665 Management for Quality and Excellence
MAM-668 Human Resource Management for Managers
MAM-674 Managing Change in Organizations
MAM-676 Designing and Executing Strategy
MAM-682 Special Topics in Management