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Second Southwest University Graduate Degree (1st. MAM 2nd MAOM)

This Degree Program is open only to SWU graduates who have earned their first graduate degree from Southwest University. ** 

The objectives of this program are to broaden and strengthen managerial skills, exemplify analytical skills, to address business problems, implement solutions, meet goals and to provide a competitive boost in the workplace. 

Research has confirmed that employers would be very aggressive to select a potential hire candidate who possessed two graduate degrees.

** Excluding Master of Science in Criminal Justice degree.

Degree Requirements
  • Complete all the requirements of the first graduate degree.

  • Receive the first graduate degree.

  • 18 semester hours

  • The student must complete all 18 semester hours, 6 courses, with Southwest University.

  • Two graduate degrees may not be awarded simultaneously.

  • Cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better.

First Graduate Degree Earned: Master of Arts in Management
Courses: 2nd Degree: Master of Arts in Organaizational Management

Required Courses
HR 638 Issues in Human Relations
FIN 655 Financial Management
MGT 659 Management in The 21st. Century
MGT 661 Supervision of a Diverse Workforce and Teams
HRM 663 Effective Human Resource Management
DSC 680 Managerial Decision Processes
OM 682 Special Topics in Organizational Management - with approval
Course Descriptions
Issues in Human Relations

3 Semester Hours

This course offers students a comprehensive treatment of human relations in the workplace. Major issues in human relations are thoroughly defined. Students will gain understanding of what it takes to become a successful employee and manager. Focus is on quality, teamwork, diversity, productivity, ethics. The need to balance demands of family and work are addressed. Recent issues that impact business are included.   [ Book Required ]

Financial Management

3 Semester Hours

This course presents practical information for corporate financial management. It defines objectives of financial decision making and the tactics and strategies for achieving them. A global perspective is presented. An excellent course for managers and professionals facing executive challenges of financial analysis and reasoning.  
[ Book Required ]

Management in The 21st. Century

3 Semester Hours

This course combines management and organizational behavior. It presents an effective integration of theory and application and offers students a more accurate reflection of the responsibilities faced by today's managers. It introduces a new management paradigm and builds managerial comptencies by focusing on knowledge areas; planning and monitoring systems; organizing tasks, people and culture; and leading and empowering people. It focuses students' attention on the changing world of management and how managing in the future may be different than managing today. 
[ Book Required ]

Supervision of a Diverse Workforce and Teams

3 Semester Hours

This course provides outstanding information on supervision techniques as it explores principles of management, planning, staffing, organizing, leading and controlling people and operations. There is a strong emphasis on applications to real on-the-job situations. It integrates teamwork, quality and ethical themes.[ Book Required ]

Effective Human Resource Management

3 Semester Hours

This course provides students with the technical background needed to become a successful human resource professional, to effectively manage human resources and explains the importance of being a knowledgeable consumer of human resource services and products. The course emphasizes how managers can effectively acquire, develop, compensate and manage the internal and external enviroment that relates to the management of human resources.  
[ Book Required ]

Managerial Decision Processes

3 Semester Hours

The primary focus of this course is on strategic decision making made by middle and upper levels of management, particularly in a multidisciplinary context. The curriculum provides a collection of theories that apply to both public and private enterprise. Strategic decisions made by top management including determinants for successful strategic choices are examined.  [ Book Required ]

Special Topics in Organizational Management

3 Semester Hours

Subject to faculty approval. A project or an independent paper that will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a specific subject. 


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