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2nd Graduate Degree: Master of Arts in Management**

The Master of Arts in Management degree is designed to provide students and professionals the opportunity to develop and intensify their manaagement skills. To demonstrate proficiency and decision making skills in the work place. This program will provide the expertice needed to give a competitive advantage in a corporate structure. 

The objectives of this program are to broaden and strengthen managerial skills, exemplify analytical skills, to address business problems, implement solutions, meet goals and to provide a competitive boost in the workplace. 

Research has confirmed that employers would be very aggressive to select a potential hire candidate who possessed two graduate degrees.

**Review Second Southwest University Degree Programs

Degree Requirements
  • Complete all the requirements of the first graduate degree.

  • Receive the first graduate degree.

  • 18 semester hours

  • The student must complete all 18 semester hours, 6 courses, with Southwest University.

  • Two graduate degrees may not be awarded simultaneously.

  • Cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better.

First Graduate Degree Earned: Master of Arts in Organizational Management
Courses: 2nd Degree - Master of Arts in Management

Required Courses
MAM 628 Accounting for Business Systems
MBA 635 Business Ethics and Responsibilities
MAM 648 Global Management
MAM 665 Management for Quality and Excellence
MAM 674 Managing Change in Organizations
MAM 676 Designing and Executing Strategy
MAM 682 Special Topics in Management - with approval
Course Descriptions
Accounting for Business Systems

3 Semester Hours

This course provides an array of accounting terms, concepts and applications used to develop financial information which can be used in both external and internal reports. The course provides students with a working knowledge of financial and managerial accounting. Students will be able to use this accounting information to make decisions in both the financial and managerial decision processes. The focus of the course will be on accounting reports which will aid managers in how to interpret information related to planning, evaluating performance, and making decisions.   [ Book Required ]

Business Ethics and Responsibilies

3 Semester Hours

This course focuses on ethical issues, obligations and responsibilities in the business arena. Moral concepts related to practical ethical decision making are discussed as are obligations of business to society and community.   [ Book Required ]

Global Management

3 Semester Hours

This course explores the dynamic global environment of business management by exploring the political, legal, technological, competitive, and cultural factors that shape corporations worldwide. The course includes current research, events and global developments. Students are exposed to the recent trends that are affecting international business managers in today’s hypercompetitive global environment. This course includes comprehensive cases which helps students keep pace with the ever-changing global business.   [ Book Required ]

Management for Quality and Excellence

3 Semester Hours

This course focuses on the fundamental principles and historical foundation of total quality. There is a strong emphasis on high-performance management practices. Students will be exposed to the Malcolm Baldrige Award, ISO 9000, Six Sigma, strategic leadership, strategic work system design, also workforce engagement.  
[ Book Required ]

Managing Change in Organizations

3 Semester Hours

This course offers students and professionals a variety of change approaches. It introduces reflective questions for change managers to consider when handling issues. This course will build critical thinking skills that will enable the business person to adapt to changing demands and skills in managing changes.  
[ Book Required ]

Designing and Executing Strategy

3 Semester Hours

This course examines core concepts and analytical tools of strategic management. The course highlights strategy-related development which penetrates many industries and the world economy. A few areas included in the course are evaluating a company’s competitive position, strategies for competing in foreign markets, diversification, corporate culture and leadership, social responsibility and environmental sustainability.  [ Book Required ]

Special Topics in Management

3 Semester Hours

Subject to faculty approval. A project or an independent paper that will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a specific subject.   [ Book Required ]


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