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2nd Graduate Degree: Master of Business Administration**

The Master of Business Administration is a professional graduate degree designed to provide an intense educational experience for students and professionals in business who desire to assume positions of increasing responsibility in business.

It provides an opportunity for students to develop knowledge, abilities and attitudes that will constitute a foundation for their growth and understanding into effective administrators and creative leaders in business, industry and government.

Studies concentrate on the functional components of business operations.

**Review Second Southwest University Degree Programs

Degree Requirements
  • Complete all the requirements of the first graduate degree.

  • Receive the first graduate degree.

  • 18 semester hours

  • The student must complete all 18 semester hours, 6 courses, with Southwest University.

  • Two graduate degrees may not be awarded simultaneously.

  • Cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better.

First Graduate Degree Earned: Master of Arts in Organizational Management
Courses: 2nd Degree - Master of Business Administration

Required Courses
MGT 610 Information Management in Business
ACC 620 Managerial Accounting
MBA 635 Business Ethics and Responsibilites
ECO 642 Managerial Economics
MBA 670 Legal Enviroment of Business
MAM 674 Managing Change in Organizations
MBA 682 Special Topics in Business - with approval
Course Descriptions
Information Management in Business

3 Semester Hours

This course discusses the changing demands in today's fast-paced organizations by relating management information systems to management and the organization. The focus is understanding from a business viewpoint.    [ Book Required ]

Managerial Accounting

3 Semester Hours

Course contains a rich variety of problem material ranging from simple to challenging. Cases and comprehensive problems are introduced. Some areas covered are: essentials of cost and managerial accounting, cost definitions, cost behavior and cost estimates. Also includes, capital budgeting income tax effects on capital budgets as well as quantitative methods for managers.   [ Book Required ]

Business Ethics and Responsibilities

3 Semester Hours

This course focuses on ethical issues, obligations and responsibilities in the business arena. Moral concepts related to practical ethical decision making are discussed as are obligations of business to society and community. 
[ Book Required ]

Managerial Economics

3 Semester Hours

This course explores the use of economic analysis in making business decisions involving the use of an organization's scarce resources. The course explains that managerial economics can predict how external economic changes can cause internal economic changes in business organizations. The nature and scope of the subject is presented.[ Book Required ]

Legal Enviroment of Business

3 Semester Hours

Course has several objectives including describing the areas of law that seem to be of greatest importance to business managers, legal environment topics that managers may frequently deal with as well as the basic core of business law topics. Course extensively uses real world examples in an integrated fashion to assist the student in bringing the environment of business law into focus. A global perspective is also discussed.  [ Book Required ]

Managing Change in Organizations

3 Semester Hours

This course offers students and professionals a variety of change approaches. It introduces reflective questions for change managers to consider when handling issues. This course will build critical thinking skills that will enable the business person to adapt to changing demands and skills in managing changes.  [ Book Required ]

Special Topics in Business

3 Semester Hours

Subject to faculty approval.A project or an independent paper that will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a specific subject. 


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