MBA Organizational Management

A graduate degree with specific concentrations is advantageous to employers when reviewing perspective candidates to hire.

The primary objectives of the MBA Organizational Management Degree are to provide students and professionals the opportunity to enlarge on their skills and knowledge in order to continue assuming positions of increasing responsibility, and effective administration.

Competitively, graduates would be recognized and stand out above others.

Degree Requirements

      A Baccalaureate Degree in Business, Management, or related fields.

      The requirement for the Master of Business Administration Organizational Management Degree is
      48 semester hours.

      Students must complete a minimum of 39 semester hours, 13 courses, with Southwest University.

MBA Core Courses

MGT-610 Information Management in Business
ACC-620 Managerial Accounting
MKT-630 Marketing Strategies
MBA-635 Business Ethics and Responsibilities
MGT-637 Organizational Behavior Management
ECO-642 Managerial Economics
MGT-651 Management and Leadership
FIN-655 Financial Management
HRM-657 Human Resources Strategic Issues
MBA-670 Legal Environment of Business
MGT-672 Strategic Management
DSC-680 Managerial Decision Processes
MBA-682 Special Topics in Business Administration

MBA Concentration Courses: Organizational Management

Select any four:
HR-638 Issues in Human Relations
ORG-645 Organizational Theory and Design
MGT-659 Management in The 21st. Century
MGT-661 Supervision of a Diverse Workforce and Teams
HRM-663 Effective Human Resource Management
MAM-674 Managing Change in Organizations