Master of Science in Criminal Justice

This accredited graduate degree in Criminal
Justice provides graduates career opportunities and
salary advantages.  It also opens the door to positions of high responsibilities in related areas.

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice program prepares graduates for positions of responsibility in the Criminal Justice System and related areas.  The curriculum provides a melding of professionally structured knowledge and the ethical imperatives of Criminal Justice in a constitutional democracy.

Degree Requirements

      The requirement for the Master of Science in Criminal Justice is 36 semester hours above the       Baccalaureate Degree in Criminal Justice or a closely related field, or in the social sciences.

      Students must complete a minimum of 27 semester hours, 9 courses, with Southwest University.


Students must have satisfied or they must complete the following core courses:

CJ-600 Police Administration and Management
CJ-604 Justice Administration
CJ-605 Organizational Theory and Management
CJ-612 Juvenile Justice
CJ-622 Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
CJ-630 Criminal Investigation Restructuring the Past
CJ-640 Administration of Corrections
CJ-650 Deviant Behavior
CJ-655 Perspectives in Criminology
CJ-660 Criminal Behavior
CJ-665 Research Methods
CJ-674 Negotiations: Crisis and Hostage
CJ-680 Special Topics in Criminal Justice