Tuition and Fees

Fee Schedule

Application Fee (non-refundable) 75.00
Registration Fee 200.00
Graduation Fee 125.00
Processing Fee 4.00
Student I.D Card 10.00
Enrollment Extension Fee (per month) 100.00
Course Extension Fee 50.00
Inactive / Reactivation Fee 200.00
Returned Check Charge 45.00
Study Guide 90.00
Life Learning Portfolio Evaluation (if applicable) 200.00
Late Fee (on monthly payments) 5.00


Southwest University is a Member of the National Association of College Stores and maintains a student bookstore. Students may obtain textbooks from the University bookstore or through their own resources. The University will supply the title, author, publisher and cost of the required textbooks. Textbook prices and materials are subject to publishers price increases. Textbook prices range from $85.00 to $125.00 per course. Some can be more than $125.00. Textbooks and course materials must be paid prior to shipment.

Postage and Handling Fees

Postage costs will vary according to the student's geographical location. All U.S. shipments are forwarded by Priority Mail. Students may choose delivery by Federal Express or United States Postal Service Express Mail. Outside the U.S. Air Mail Service is used. Rates vary by country.